Sandalwood Ghee Batti GDB101SW


Min. Qty.- 3

30 pieces of ghee batti


Product Description-

“100% Organic Ghee Diya Wicks ( Batti) is easy and ready to use made up of dairy ghee.
Place a wick in the Diya & light it up. It comes and camphor and Sandalwood fragrance. No artificial fragrance added with real Camphor and Sandalwood powder. With our ghee Diya, you can save time as there’s no need to prepare the ghee Diya wicks by yourself. The Diya Batti is wax-free and just leaves a small black residue behind that can be disposed of easily.
Ingredients: These ghee Diya wicks are made of ghee, cotton & natural solidifying agents that are all naturally sourced. Nirhari ghee Diya Batti is ideal for use in homes, temples & offices during pujas & prayers.
Nithari ghee Diya Batti is perfect for use during yoga & meditation as they are not a fire hazard thus allowing you to focus while you’re meditating.
Package contents: Each box contains 30 Diya Wicks (Battis) (monthly pack) of 3 gm each, average burn time is 15-20 minutes.


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