Organic ChandanDhoop Sticks CDDS101CH


Min. Qty.- 3

20 Pieces with Stand


They make homes smell amazing and help to promote healing effects and purify the environment. Using these cow dung agarbatti will elevate the energies of your home to a higher degree if you have a special occasion at home.

HOW TO USE: 1. Use a candle, matchstick, or other means to light the Dhoop sticks.

2. After there has been sufficient burning, extinguish the flame.

3.Set the stick on the provided dhoop stick stand in a safe location. For safety reasons, nothing flammable should be placed next to the stick. Ingredients: Desi Cow Dung Powder, Chandan, Devdar, Sugandha, Kokila, Rose Petals, Laung, Kapur




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